Isaac Theatre Royal - Christchurch

August, 2014

This project stretches back to before the Christchurch Earthquake of February 2011. At that stage my role was to beautify the facade of the building. I was busy preparing this when the Earthquake inflicted serious damage to this Christchurch icon. It destroyed everything between the stage and the facade.

This extended the project to restoring the lighting in this area, which included all audience seating. The original design was maintained, but all the repairs allowed us to lift the grandeur of the theatre. The fittings were changed to LED, improving the cost-effectiveness of the lighting.

When it opens towards the end of this year, theatre-goers will notice major changes in the facade. It will be lit in one of three distinctive ways, depending on what's happening inside. If a show is not scheduled for six to eight weeks, the beauty of the building's architecture will be the focus of the lighting.

If a show is opening within that period, the theatre will appear brighter and more colours will be used. This will create the feeling of expectation and growing excitement. Then on opening night, the buzz in the air will be reflected in the lighting. Colours will change rapidly and the brightness will vary to create a real 'show time' atmosphere. This was another project where I worked alongside Architects, Warren and Mahoney. Once again, they were a pleasure to work with. Make sure you keep an eye out later in the year when the Isaac Theatre Royal reopens its doors.

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