Simply New Zealand Store – Victoria Park, Auckland

April, 2012

This is the seventh Simply New Zealand store I’ve designed. Not surprisingly they are all similar in nature, including the Simply New Zealand: Great New Zealand Shop, pictured opposite.

These stores are all about getting the balance right between the general lighting and the lighting that shines on the merchandise. This is what attracts people to the products, so it’s vital. In the Simply New Zealand stores, we’ve got this 100 percent accurate.

Failure to get this right is a common problem in New Zealand retail. Many stores have the same lighting throughout. It doesn’t attract shoppers to the merchandise, so they don’t buy.

While this balance is vital, the colour temperature of the light used must also be perfect for retailers to maximise their conversions of browsers into purchasers. Many make the mistake of using lights that are far too bright. This only puts customers off.

In the Simply New Zealand stores, the lighting is perfect. What has helped the process with this company is the great client relationship. They know exactly what they want, because they know what works. This makes my job easier and adds to a great solution.

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