I'm attending Road Lighting Conferences to find answers for Christchurch

February, 2014

Regular readers will know how I feel about road lighting. Just to remind you, I was quoted in The Press last year as saying that some of Christchurch's beauty at night was being lost in the rebuild as warm amber street lights in residential areas were being replaced by bright white LED alternatives.

"I've already noticed this in my own neighbourhood when going for my daily walks. You can't but notice the change in atmosphere. The beautiful cities of Europe are all warmly lit, but Christchurch is going in the opposite direction," I said in an earlier newsletter.

I still feel strongly about this. So I've decided to attend two conferences where this very issue will be covered. I will be in Sydney for the LED Seminar Series where the focus will be LED Street Lighting. I'll also be at the Road Lighting Conference in Auckland soon.

Road lighting is a specialist area and one that's continually evolving. I want to find out why people are consistently using cold colour LEDs for road lighting. This will give me a chance to ask the experts. I'm not a road lighting expert, but I do know what lighting makes people feel good and feel bad. My whole philosophy is making people feel good with my designs. White LEDs have the opposite effect when it comes to road lighting.

I'll let you know the results when I return and whether I find a better alternative for Christchurch streets.

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