Flight Centre - St Luke's Mall, Auckland

December, 2014

Stores like the Flight Centre need a unique type of lighting design to maximise their profitability. In many shopping modes such as fashion, it's the products that must be the focus of the light. That's the best way to sell the products.

But where it's not a tangible product on sale, the focus must be on lighting the space itself. In this case with the Flight Centre, bright lights were used to create an intense and stimulating feeling. In other words, a feeling of excitement about an impending holiday. The same principle applies at the desks where the customers will ultimately make their decisions about whether to purchase the travel package or not.

This is a great example of how lighting designs must change for the different needs of the space and what the client wants to achieve. This was the first Flight Centre store with the company's new look. The entire job was completed with LED lights, meaning the replacement costs will be minimal. It's also great for the environment, with each fitting estimated to last 50,000 hours.

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