Pleased to help Ellerslie contestant

February, 2013

When I was approached by a student designer to help with his exhibit at the Ellerslie Flower Show, I had no hesitation in accepting.

Bayley LuuTomes of the Wellington Open Polytechnic is eyeing the Emerging Designer of the Year Award. His passion for his work is commendable, and made him a pleasure to work with.

His vision is to help New Zealanders transform their gardens into usable spaces, one at a time. I have no doubt that this is exactly what he will do.

I've said before how I enjoy teaching young people, and Bayley was no different. I think he was surprised when I immediately said I would be delighted to help, when he had contacted me on the off-chance that I would accept.

We created the lighting design for his exhibit together. He will now install it with the help of a technician and lighting supply company that I organised for him.

The lighting design is heavily focused on practicality. It will light every area that needs to be lit. For example, the outdoor dining area is well lit, while also highlighting the beauty of the wonderful plantings and landscape design that Bayley has created.

Designing a garden for Ellerslie isn't cheap, but Bayley has been sensible with his expenses. He even stays at the YMCA when in Christchurch to keep his costs down.

I wish him the very best of luck at Ellerslie and for his budding career.

Note: Achieved an overall Gold Award, Gold Lighting Award and Student Designer of the Year Award.

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