Beautiful Christchurch at Christmas

Beautiful Christchurch at Christmas

December, 2010

Now that we’re only days away from another Christmas, it’s a good time to reflect on my vision for beautifying our wonderful city.

In the last newsletter, I talked about the opportunity Christchurch now has through lighting to create a beautiful CBD at night. Many cities of Europe create a breath-taking ambience after dark and now Christchurch has the chance to lead the world in this area with the use of new technology.

One thing this new technology allows us to do is change the lighting we use in different seasons. Christmas is a great example. Imagine lighting up Cathedral Square with warm colours and have images of Holly and Father Christmas projecting off the walls of buildings.

This could be done anywhere people congregate. It would become a special part of our city. It would bring people back into the CBD, be great for tourism and allow us to celebrate Christmas and other special occasions throughout the day.

Christchurch has always been good at showing off its splendor during the day. But once night falls, the beauty is lost because we don’t have the lighting to show it off.

Now is the perfect time to rectify this. We have a clean slate after the earthquake and the world’s latest technology. It’s now a matter of convincing the decision-makers.

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