Left Click - Christchurch

Left Click is a successful Web Design and Internet Marketing company in central Christchurch. They wanted a design that reflected their industry. This meant creating an environment that was comfortable for their workers, but also where customers felt at home. Lighting was a major part of this plan.

The lighting design created different spaces, all of which included dimmers so the light in each could be controlled.

It was wonderful to work with a company that understood the importance of lighting and were so meticulous about getting it right. They understood that every aspect of their business contributed to their brand.

With the dimmer controls, they can now do whatever they want with their lighting whenever they want to. For example, they may wish to increase the light level in winter.

Left Click were delighted with the final result. "We had an idea of what we wanted, but Kevin brought it all together to create a lighting controlled environment that fits our brand perfectly," says Left Click Managing Director, Alan Cox." The result is wonderful and meets all our expectations."

Lighting Council New Zealand
Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand
New Zealand Green Building Council
Standards New Zealand
Association of Lighting Designers
Pure Advantage - Green Growth for Greater Wealth
New Zealand Retail Interior Association
Canterbury Employers´ Chamber of Commerce